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HOL-1856-01: Horizon Cloud Initial Tenant Setup

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This part of the lab is presented as a Hands-on Labs Interactive Simulation. This will allow you to experience steps which are too time-consuming or resource intensive to do live in the lab environment. In this simulation, you can use the software interface as if you are interacting with a live environment.

The orange boxes show where to click, and the left and right arrow keys can also be used to move through the simulation in either direction.

Login to the Tenant Administrator

The setup and administration of your tenant takes place in the Horizon Cloud Administration Console.   The Administration Console is accessed by browsing to a URL supplied to you by your Horizon Cloud provider.  In this lab the URL has been entered for you.

Note:  For lab purposes we are utilizing self-signed certs, which is why the browser is reporting the connection is not secured.  This is not the case in a production environment. Customers exchange live certificates as a part of the Horizon Cloud deployment process.

The first time you login to your tenant, you will need to provide a one time user name and password supplied to you by your provider.  This account is only utilized for the initial configuration process.  Once Horizon Cloud is added to an Active Directory domain, this account credentials will no longer allow you to access the tenant.

  1. Enter username:  horizonlocaladmin
  2. Enter password: VMware1!
  3. Click Login

Configure Active Directory

The Horizon Cloud Administration Console defaults to the Getting Started page on the first login. This page provides you with a step-by-step overview of the initial configuration process that must be completed.  The first step is configuring Active Directory.  You need to register your Active Directory domain in the tenant before you can allocate services or assign specific roles and permissions.

  1. Under General Setup/Active Directory - Click Configure

An LDAP bind account is required for the initial LDAP bind/query. This account can be Read Only.

  1. Enter the following information:

        NETBIOS Name:  DF

        DNS Domain Name: df.local

        Bind Username: dbind

        Bind Password: VMware1!

  1. Click on Domain Bind
  2. Now you will need to add the following information to join it to the Active Directory Domain

       Join Username:  djoin

       Join Password:  VMware1!

       Primary DNS Server IP:

       Secondary DNS Server IP:

  1. Click Save


Configure Administrative Account

Once you have bound your Horizon Cloud tenant to a directory, define the domain user or group that will have full administrative control within the tenant. This role is defined as Super-Administrator within Horizon Cloud.

  1. In the Active Directory Search box enter Tena

The Tenant Admins Group appears below the search box.  

  1. Select Tenant Admins Group

DF\Tenant Admins should now appear under Selected User Group

  1. Click Save


You are now ready to login with an account that is part of the Tenant Admins Group. Please proceed to Module 3 to complete the configuration of your Tenant by clicking on RETURN TO THE LAB in the top right corner or close this browser tab.