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HOL-1856-01: Horizon Cloud Create an Image

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This part of the lab is presented as a Hands-on Labs Interactive Simulation. This will allow you to experience steps which are too time-consuming or resource intensive to do live in the lab environment. In this simulation, you can use the software interface as if you are interacting with a live environment.

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VMware Horizon Cloud Hosted Infrastructure is a service that allows you to deliver cloud-hosted virtual desktops and applications to users.  Desktops can be built with different configurations to suit the needs of your individual user groups.

A detailed description of the capacity model and the Standard Desktop Capacity (SDC) can be found in: http://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/support/vmware-horizon-cloud-hosted-service-description.pdf

There are a few methods available to you for populating your tenant with virtual machine templates.

You can:

  • Receive a pre-packaged image from VMware.
  • Create an image from a template you receive from VMware.
  • Create an image from your own template.

Most customers leverage a template provided by VMware.  In this lab, we use a pre-packaged image supplied by VMware.

Custom Template - Horizon Agent

The step is informational only, and no lab actions are required.

If you choose to use your own template, there area few things you must do to prepare the image for use in Horizon Cloud.

The process of building your own template includes:

  1. Install a supported Horizon Client
  2. Install and configure the required agents (DaaS and optionally the App Volumes agent)
  3. Optimize the image including the display properties and other configuration items. For template optimization, it is recommended that you use the VMware OS Optimization Tool https://labs.vmware.com/flings/vmware-os-optimization-tool

For details on creating a template, please see the Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure “Getting Started” guide. http://pubs.vmware.com/horizon-cloud-hosted-171/topic/com.vmware.ICbase/PDF/horizon-cloud-hosted-171-getting-started.pdf

Once you are done preparing your custom template, you can work with VMware to upload it to your tenant.  


Create an Image

Once the template has been uploaded to your tenant by your provider, you will be able to create your image.   When creating an image, you have the option to choose a Traditional Clone or an Instant Clone.  When using a Traditional Clone, a full copy of the image will be used for each desktop deployed.  When selecting an Instant Clone, you gain the benefits of VMware's JMP technology which will allow for much faster provisioning while utilizing less space.  To find out more about instant clones, please refer to: https://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2016/02/horizon-7-view-instant-clone-technology-linked-clone-just-in-time-desktop.html .  

To create an image:

  1. From the Horizon Cloud Administration Console click Inventory
  2. Click Images
  3. Click New
  4. In the Convert Desktop Image Section, in the Desktop window enter HOL
  5. Select HOL-W10-IC
  6. Click on the scroll bar to the OS Properties section
  7. Confirm Instant Clone is set to YES
  8. Confirm Image Name is set to HOL-W10-IC
  9. Confirm Domain is set to DF
  10. Company Name enter VMware
  11. Confirm the time zone is set to Central Time
  12. Click Publish 

Once the Image creation process is complete, the image status will now report as Published


Now that the image creation process is complete, you are ready to proceed to assigning a desktop to a user or group.  Proceed to Module 5 to walk through the assignment process.  To return to the lab, click the link in the top right corner or close this browser tab.