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HOL-1828-01: VxRail Initial Configuration

This is an interactive demo

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What is VxRail?

VxRail is a family of hyper-converged infrastructure appliances developed jointly by VMware and Dell EMC. VxRail is built upon the foundation of vSAN, vSphere, and vCenter. VxRail comes bundled with vSAN, vSphere, vCenter Server, and a suite of industry-leading data services software from Dell EMC and VMware, including data recovery, logging, protection, cloud tiering and backup.

Module 1 - VxRail Initial Configuration (10 minutes)

This part of the lab is presented as a Hands-on Labs Interactive Simulation. This will allow you to experience steps which are too time-consuming or resource intensive to do live in the lab environment. In this simulation, you can use the software interface as if you are interacting with a live environment.

The orange boxes show where to click, and the left and right arrow keys can also be used to move through the simulation in either direction.

NOTE: Be aware, that the lab continues to run in the background. If you spend a long time in the simulation, the lab may go into standby mode. If this happens, just resume the lab.

 Please click on the orange boxes to complete each step.

  1. Click Getting Started
  2. Accept EULA
  3. Confirm Nodes discoved to be install VxRail. Click I want to configure the listed nodes
  4. Click Next
  5. VxRail can be installed via answering a series of configuration options or uploading a JSON configuration file that has all the configuration options available to be modified.
  6. Click "Configuration file. Upload"
  7. Locate JSON file on local HDD. Downloads > all.json
  8. Select the all.json file
  9. Click Open
  10. Click Review. This step will review the answers in the JSON file for accuracy.
  11. It will go through each section for you to review. Scroll down to see all the sections to configure for VxRail setup.
  12. Click Valdiate VxRail will perform basic network validation.
  13. Click Download JSON  file for future reference.
  14. Click OK to confirm where to save JSON file for this VxRail appliance.
  15. Confirm download is complete. Click the Down arrow.
  16. You are now ready to Build your VxRail Appliance. Click the Build button.

This lab is an Interactive Simulation .  The process in real-time takes approximatly 1 hour.

You have now completed the Interactive Simulation for VxRail Initial Configuration.

Please proceed to the Conclusion of Module 1.

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